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How often do I need to have my piano tuned?  Why does it go out of tune?
Generally, pianos should be tuned every 6 months or every year, even if they are not being played regularly. Pianos on the concert stage or in a recording studio may require more frequent tuning and attention.

The piano's main structure and soundboard are both made of wood, which expand and contract with climate change and humidity variation. Fluctuations in the wood net an out of tune piano. It is especially important to tune new pianos several times during their first few years to ensure that the string tension and piano structure reach a stable equilibrium.

What is a "pitch raise ?"
All modern pianos are designed to be tuned and sound their best at "standard pitch," where A4=440 Hz. If a piano has not been tuned for an extended period of time (over 12 months) or has been through extreme climate fluctuations, or has been moved, the overall pitch of the piano may be significantly higher or lower than standard pitch and will require an overall pitch adjustment or "pitch raise."

As strings are adjusted, the tension of the strings change and greatly effect the piano's structure, causing the pitch of the strings previously adjusted to change. A pitch raise, in other words, is an adjustment of the overall tension on the piano.

A pitch raise is done prior to a regular fine tuning. Both can be completed in the same service appointment, but in very extreme cases, where multiple pitch raises are necessary, a second appointment may be necessary. The need for a pitch raise cannot be determined without assessing the piano in person.


I'm moving. How can I move my piano safely and when should I have it tuned?
Moving your piano shouldn't be stressful and you most definitely should not attempt to move it yourself. Hire an insured piano mover, not just any mover! The piano is a fragile instrument and permanent damage can easily be done by an inexperienced mover. I would be glad to refer you to someone in your city.

Generally, I recommend waiting about one month after your move to tune the piano, allowing the piano to acclimate to the new location. This will net a more stable tuning than had it been tuned immediately.

What areas do you service?

I service pianos in the following general areas:  Huntsville, Madison, Owens Cross Roads, Guntersville, Scottsboro, Fayetteville, Athens and Decatur.

How long does a regular tuning take?

Once we discuss what needs to be done and I actually begin to tune the piano, it usually takes me about 75 to 90 minutes.

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